Photovoltaic solar panels

We offer solar photovoltaic solutions to meet the needs of sites isolated from the electrical network.

Solar Floor Lamps

The C.A.A. Group offers a range of stand-alone solar lamps selected for their reliability, design quality and warranty life.

Solar air conditioning

Create the cold with the sunlight, it is possible! With the CAA Group, refresh your interior with solar air conditioning.

Solar water heater

Heating your hot waterusing the sun, it is possible! Our water-chewing solutions are available to you.

Solar electric cars

We have an assembly unit for eco-friendly solar cars.

Solar tricycles and motorcycles

Solar tricycles and bikes that can travel between 100 and 110 km with a speed of 35 km / h

We aim for innovation !

The C.A.A. Group has chosen to invest in the renewable energy sector to help minimize energy dependence. For us, the development of this sector is one of the best answers to the challenges of the environment and the planet at a time when the resources of fossil energies are starting to run out. It is in this vision of our long-term energy needs that our desire to develop especially the solar photovoltaic sector is inscribed. At the heart of our vision is also the performance and relevance of the solutions we have to offer to companies, agricultural, industrial or commercial, communities and individuals. A commitment whose key words are culture of Excellence, Innovation, impeccable Quality, and spirit of Service.

Activating in the field since 2012, the C.A.A. Group offers the following services:

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